WORK SOLD! Through SYN503 Gallery!

I've been working with SYN503 gallery for a while now and was pleased to find out just before the holidays that all 5 of my pieces with the gallery sold! I wanted to mention the gallery in my blog because, Jonathan, the owner has created a unique combination of an online gallery and real life shows. His determination to bring art to the local community is above and beyond my expectations as a local artist. To learn more, go to his website:

If you are interested in more information about local Portland, Oregon art galleries here is a link to a great site:
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Children and Photography

I've been having a lot of fun with an after-school photography club for elementary students. As many of you know, children love to be behind the camera as much as in front of the camera! With the low costs of digital cameras today, there is no better time to allow children to explore their creativity behind a camera. I can't think of a more immediate, no-mess form of art for your children. A side benefit is each photograph not only tells a story about the event or person captured, it tells a story about the photographer, providing a little more insight into your child and what is important to them at the moment. I'm trying to put together some outtings for children between the ages of 8-11, if you think your child may be interested, let me know and I'll put a group together. I envision three 1 hour outings for photographing and discussion and one 1 hour get together to review the developed photos. I'm estimating the cost at $50/child for all 4 sessions.

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What to Wear?!

I'm often asked what to wear for portrait sittings. My answer generally starts with something that you and your family are comfortable in and makes you feel good about your look. But some further tips on clothing styles and accessories: The primary goal of having professional portraits is to capture the people and their faces.

Keep the clothes simple with classic styles in medium to dark tones of brown, burgandy, green or blue. Avoid light colors blending with skin tones such as beige, tan, pink, peach, off white and yellow. Plaids,  bold stripes and prints do not photograph well. Very bright colors, such as red and orange can overpower and distract.

For group photos, coordinating is important to avoid one person completely standing out. The idea is hopefully to capture 'unique but equal'.

I hope this helps! I'm open to suggestions from other photographers. Please feel free to comment! 

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